2019 Prefects

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Wednesday March 6, 2019

Our 2019 Prefects were announced in an Assembly in March.

The Prefects have a leadership role in the school and provide lots of opportunities across a wide range of areas.

The following list shows our Prefects and their areas of responsibility: 

Head Prefects of Logan Park High School 2019

Head Girl Alice Houston-Page

Head Boy Finn Lillis

Deputy Head Girl Olivia Bradfield

Deputy Head Boy Matai Bowen

House Leaders and Deputies


Leaders Abi Barton, Matai Bowen

Deputies Sofia Till, Lealia Devereux, Albert Baeumer, Gabriel Kovacs


Leaders Alice Houston-Page, Finn Lillis

Deputies Violet Gallop, Caitlin Bathgate, Hamish O’Malley-King, Jack Bredenbeck


Leaders Annie Kennedy-Atchison, Henry Eden-Mann

Deputies Beth Lynch, Linea Simons, N’Keyah Marsh, James Mitchell, Zak Rudin, Cameron Monteath


Leaders Olivia Bradfield, Casper McGuire

Deputies Bella Sefo, Hannah Mitchell, Finn McKinlay, Arnie Tregonning, Sam Souquet


Writing Beth Lynch, Rosa Miller, Linea Simons, Hamish O’Malley-King

Debating Casper McGuire, Rosa Miller, Beth Lynch

Dance Linea Simons

Amnesty Zak Rudin, Leah McDonnell

Art Linea Simons, Cailin Rogers, Anna Denys, Nerise Barnes

Formal Josie Baughen, N’Keyah Marsh, Leah McDonnell

Music Finn McKinlay, Cameron Monteath, Colin Macandrew, Abe Baillie, Lealia Devereux

Drama Alice Houston-Page, Trent Hawthorne, Molly Stebbings, Bella Sefo, Violet Gallop, Casper McGuire

Sports Leaders Ziggi Kaitai-Martin and Annie Kennedy Atchison 

Sports Prefects Finn Lillis, Violet Gallop, Sam Yeardley, Anna Denys,

Arnie Tregonning, Abi Barton

Library Paige Matthews, Paida Gwavava

International Lotte-Mo Berkhan, Bianca Jasnani, Lokesh Menariya

Diversity Gray Smith

Wellbeing Bryn Leishman, Paida Gwavava

Peer Mentoring Hamish O'Malley-King

Media and Film  Angus McLean, Sofia Till, Connor Bedwell, Nerise Barnes

Charities Sasha Freeman

Enviro Linea Simons, Zak Rudin

Maori CJ Barnes, Esther Tamati

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