OMAthalon 2018

By John Major | Posted: Tuesday September 25, 2018

Congratulations to our strong mathematicians for winning the Otago O'Mathalon competition.


Overall Logan Park narrowly beat John McGlashan to win the Top Year 9 and 10 O’MAthalon school for the second year running (best 4 team placings).


2nd – Sophie Sun, Albert Baeumer, Cathy Zeng and Paxton Hall

Year 10

1st – Paxton Hall, Elia Hayashishita, Xing Zhang and Zack Hibbert

8th – Marcus Davidson, George Hyink, Linus Molteno and Harry Major

10th – Cindy Chou, Megan MacDiarmid, Vivane Dalphin and Leilani Baeumer

Year 9

2nd - Elizabeth Baker, Bryn Loughran, Griffin Millar-Kelsey and Niamh Dillingham

4th – Bill Campbell, Jack Sealy, Nico Alvarez Rey-Virag and Isaac Randall

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