By Ella Verberne | Posted: Monday August 21, 2023

2023 has seen the choir continue to grow our voices, repertoire and relationships with each other.

We had the amazing opportunity of being able to workshop our songs with Elise Bradley, who is extremely experienced and has worked with many choirs across the world. She gave us some excellent advice on how to fine tune each of our songs. Her main focus with us was working on our vowel sounds, and how this affects the tone, pitch and overall sound of our choir. Her expertise helped us to prepare for the Big Sing Competition, where we sang beautifully and received the Spirit of the Festival Award. Our choir sang three songs, which we performed as a tribute to Miss Mouat. We were also invited to sing at her memorial service, it was an honour to be able to express our love to our greatly missed teacher and principal.

Now that the Big Sing is over, we welcome new members to the choir, where they can participate in upcoming activities such as possibly working with the DNI choir and more.

We are extremely grateful for Elise Bradley, our choir director Sara Brown, and our accompanist Ken Nguyen for the work they have done for our choir.