Ukes in Schools Donation 2023!

By Natasha Manowitz | Posted: Sunday May 28, 2023

In April, we heard that our application was successful and that LPHS was selected as one of the schools to receive a very generous donation of 12 Kala brand ukuleles in an assortment of colours, plus a ukulele tuner.

We would like to give our thanks to The New Zealand Ukulele Trust (NZUT), and their sponsors Kala Brand Music and their NZ Agents, Lyn McAllister Music Ltd.
This semester's Year 9 Music class were very excited to unbox these ukuleles and to see them for the very first time. They were also interested in figuring out how the tuner works and how we can use this to tune the ukuleles. 

These Kala brand ukuleles come in a range of beautiful colours, as you will see in the photos, with a dolphin design on the front and curved backs. 

As soon as students unboxed the ukuleles they started tuning and playing them, and since then have been using them for group performance activities in class. 

We look forward to using these ukuleles for practical activities in all Music classes at LPHS, and for the LPHS Ukulele Band. It has been fantastic to see so many students entering Logan Park with a love of ukulele, and this generous donation will help to motivate these students to continue with this beautiful instrument. 

The ukulele is just such an accessible, transportable and fun instrument that is perfect for jamming along to your favourite 3-chord songs. These instruments will be well-used and well-loved, and we would like to thank NZUT and their sponsors again for making this possible, and for selecting LPHS as one of the lucky schools to receive this donation in 2023.

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