Digital Design Technology

By Deirdre Cooper | Posted: Tuesday April 4, 2023

The Digital Design Technology classes have been humming recently!


Students of all levels have been creating and submitting work for their first internal. Recently the Level 1 students researched a teen issue and created an original infographic to display their findings.


Level two (year 12) students have just completed a ‘poster series’ where they needed to document their iterative process, getting feedback from their end user and to plan the project on a day to day planner. This was a large amount of work that they all completed to a very high standard. Here is Brooke Thompson putting the finishing touches to her work.


Level three students all have a strong design background, as most have previously completed Level 1 and 2. They were asked to design ANY digital product and alongside this get feedback from the end users (often their friends or family) and make changes as they go. There was a tremendous diversity of interest amongst the students. Some producing poster series, some games, some 3 -D models.

Here is a sample from a cleverly designed ‘zine’ created by Milo Cameron, on the Indi music scene. 

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