Fabric Technology - Celebrating Student Success in the senior school

By Mrs Mackay, Fabric Technology. | Posted: Wednesday March 8, 2023

The senior Fabric Technology students have started the year strongly.

Year 12 and 13 Fabric Technology students are beginning the development of their garments by drafting basic blocks which they will use to create their final patterns later on. These are made to their personal measurements, to ensure an accurate fit.

The pictures include Briar and Solly. Briar is making a corset top, and Solly is completing a 3 piece suit - he drafted and sewed the trousers last year in year 12, and this year he is completing his suit by making the suit jacket and a vest. 

Grace, in year 12, is drafting her trouser block. Grace will use this to develop her design further after she has made a toile or mock-up to ensure her patternmaking is correct.

In year 11, students are using commercial patterns, which they will alter to represent their design choices. Amber, has completed her initial designs and will use the pattern she has purchased. An excellent start to the year for senior students. 

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