University of Otagos School of Physical Education Visit

By Warwick Kain | Posted: Saturday March 4, 2023

The Level 3 Yr 13 Physical Education students visited the University of Otagos School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Sciences department in February.

Students were given a Laboratory experience of the school. This involved students swimming in the flume (one of 6 in the world) provided students with an opportunity to experience fluid dynamics and drag force. The US swim team including Micahel Phelps have used this very flume testing bodysuits. 

Students also had the opportunity to investigate thermoregulation in the Environmental Chamber. It was a balmy 40O and 60% humidity while students exercised for 10 mins on an exer-cycle students recorded temperature increase, heart rate etc.

VO2 Max was measured using actual O2 and CO2 gas analysis. While students built up to maximum running speed then to exhaustion while monitoring maximum heart rate, Ventilation (volume of air breathed per min), And VO2 Max.

Data displayed is

VO2 Max= 57.3mL/min/Kg

Max HR = 197

Ventilation = 126 L/min

RQ > 1 ( running well above aerobic capacity

Running speed 19 Km /hr

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