Library Reading Challenge

By Michelle Summerfield | Posted: Wednesday August 15, 2018

Term 3 is Reading Challenge term for all junior students.

The library hums with the sound of book hunters and the beep, beep, beep of many books being issued.
The English department run a fantastic Year 10 Reading Challenge complete with a bingo sheet and prizes up for grabs. Year 9's challenge is run by the library and includes a detailed reading log and a photo competition - all with great prizes on offer. 

This event has a long history at LPHS. The reading challenge is run as a part of the library program and requires students to set reading goals and work hard to achieve them.

Many students this year either met or exceeded their goal.
A second element of the reading challenge was called ‘The Extreme Reading Challenge’. Students and staff were asked to enter by taking a photo of them reading somewhere extreme or quirky. There were some very creative entries!

Overall Winner - Louisa Franklyn - 9G

Class Prizes

9G - Elizabeth Baker

9J - Leah White

9L - Niamh Dillingham

9M - Paige Fox-Harris

9S- Ethan Dalmore

Highly Commended: Maria Dyensova, Amelia James-Pirie, April McMillan-Perkins, Madeline Simons, Alice Bickerstaff, Billie Charters, Talia Stuart, Athena Nguyen.

Extreme Reading Challenge

Winner - Amelia James-Pirie

Highly Commended: Jack Sealy, Kelvin Hutchinson, Caitlin McDonald-Waters

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