Action Awards

By George Sabonadire | Posted: Monday August 20, 2018

The Action Award was presented to two students at the end of Term 2: Year 9 student Liam Scaife received the award for innovation and Year 13 student Morgan Koykka received it for community service.

Liam developed an algorithm to make predictions about seismic activity and then published these predictions and subsequent reports on a blog. He visited the university to learn more about seismology. Liam has exemplified the kind of innovative thinking which is the foundation of New Zealand’s global image at a young age, and I look forward to seeing what he achieves in future.

Morgan has been volunteering at the SPCA helping rescued kittens for a long time now, with little acknowledgement of her service in the school community. Morgan’s selfless actions are a great example of integrity, a valued that is held in high regard in the Logan Park whānau. Morgan’s community service is one of the best embodiments of the Action Award values I have seen since establishing the awards.

The Action Award is an initiative set up and funded by the student representative on the Board of Trustees, to reward students for showing initiative and being good citizens outside of the normal boundaries of academia, sports and cultural activities.

The Action Award presents a $50 prize to any student who demonstrates community service, leadership and/or innovative thinking, and offers the opportunity for recipients to be connected with mentors and experts from the wider community to assist in the development of any specific projects they wish to pursue.

Winners are selected by the Funding Committee of the LPHS Student Council and must be nominated by themselves, another student or a teacher.

Nominations can be made through a paper form at the student office or via this online form:

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