Hansel and Gretels Other Adventure

By Shannon Colbert | Posted: Thursday December 8, 2022

Logan Park Junior Show 2022

It was great to have our enthusiastic primary school audiences back again after having to take a break with covid restrictions last year. Around a thousand primary students saw the show over three days and our Juniors were excited to perform the first play some of the youngest students had ever seen. We also had a lovely performance evening for whanau. Our show was a crazy mixed-up tale of a teen-aged Hansel and Gretel working out who they really are while they journey through the fictional world, meeting lots of familiar fairy tale characters, Goblins, Pi-Rats, a bunch of Bad Guys, quirky clowns and a very grumpy Clown King and even Father Christmas and some undercover elves. The show was written and directed by Drama teacher, Shannon Colbert - with a huge amount of contributions of ideas, lines, characters and jokes from the fabulous Year 9 and Year 10 Drama students, not to mention their fabulous performances! The year 10 Dance class performed their own choreography in a lovely under the sea dance and as the fabulous Toxic Pixies who dance in to crash Beauty and The Beast’s Royal Ball. The year 9 Dance class did a great job as dancing fairy tale folk in a dance set to This is Me, beautifully choreographed by Jade Winders, who is the daughter of the Dance teacher, Erin Winder. Mrs Winder could also be spotted at the end of the dance as the Bearded Lady.

The Learning Support Class, created wonderful under the sea creatures, a lobster with attitude, the Shiniest Jellyfish in the Sea, a lovely Mermaid, a fabulous dancing Sea Dragon, a brave Fisherman and Neptune himself and a very cute shrimp played by Gruff the dog in a scene led by Glen the Angler Fish and Dave the Shark.

Amanda Wilson and the incredible learning support team made the gorgeous under the sea costumes and the trusty fishing boat, turned Pi-Rat ship, turned Christmas slay. And, although it is the Junior Show, some seniors came back after their exams to help out. We had our year 13 Tech Prefects; Ieuan Sutherland and Liam Scott who were assisted in the booth by Junior techies Finlay and Oscar and our own Mr. Jones. Rowan Metreyeon was our stage manager and the show would not have been the same without the immensely talented Jack Ta who created sound effects and musical accompaniment.

Many thanks to our amazing cast of 104 students and 1 dog and all those who helped along the way.

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