Creatives in Schools 2022

By EDUCATION GAZETTE EDITORS | Posted: Saturday November 19, 2022

Our music students have enjoyed having a professional musician / songwriter mentoring them over the year.

Head of Music, Hana Fahy has worked with singer/songwriter Abby Wolfe to make the Creatives in Schools experience possible for our students.  A story was featured in the New Zealand Education Gazette, November issue. See below: 

Celebrating diversity in the music industry

Logan Park High School is a co-ed school with over 700 students, and a strong reputation for creative learning and opportunity. They have had several students go on to become successful in creative industries, such as acting and music. One of these ex-students is Abby Wolfe, who returned to share her talents as a creative for a commercial music programme.

Darcy, Year 13 music student is enjoying learning about the music industry

“We were really excited when the offer came up to be part of Creatives in Schools, it’s a fantastic opportunity and project in its own right, but it was extra special to have someone like Abby come back,” says Co-Principal Kristan Mouat.

Abby identifies as a queer artist and is dedicated to increasing diversity, and appreciation for diversity, in the music industry.

“Abby’s passionate about representation and people being able to see themselves in the industry. So that is powerful for students to see that there can be a diverse range of people finding success in the music industry.

“We’ve got a strong Rainbow community here at our school. So, celebrating that diversity and allowing students to see themselves represented everywhere in all spheres is also important.”

The aim of the project is to give students the opportunity to work with a practising artist to experience the process of song writing, from inspiration through to production.

By designing a programme that works though the entire process of commercial music, Kristan says students can engage regardless of performance skills. Those who are not confident in writing or singing can explore production or marketing.

Abby has also been educating students about the nature of the music industry, and some of the demands to be commercially successful. At the same time, she is encouraging them to create what feels authentic.

This authenticity is important to Kristan, who says, “We’ll have plenty of artists who won’t necessarily see themselves or identify within the mainstream. So, it’s great for them to have a voice and to be mentored in a supportive way where they don’t feel like they must change to fit."