Top Uni / Poly Scholarships Won

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Saturday November 12, 2022

Our 2022 Year 13 leavers have again won top financial scholarships to universities / polytechnics to attract NZ's top scholars.

Our students collectively won over $300,000 worth of scholarships.  The scholarships are to Otago University, Otago Polytechnic, as well as Canterbury, Victoria and Auckland.  Scholarships range from several thousand through to the top Academic Excellence Scholarships worth $30,000. 


Academic Excellence:

Alexander Sun 

Darcy Monteath 

Naomi Jutel 

Leaders of Tomorrow:

Nico Alvarez 

George Fisher 

Shima Jack 

Connor Stephenson 

Grace Jones 

Maia Puricelli 

Madeline Simons 

Emi Sharma 

Harry Almey 


Ava Reid 

Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship

Bill Campbell 


Luke Brinsdon 

Pacific People’s

Kate Will-Tofia 

Vice Chancellor's for International

Sam So 

Maori Entrance

Teah Stephenson 

New Frontiers

Caitlin McDonald Waters 

Kieran Graham 

Luna Koyama 

Niamh Dillingham 

Nick James Pirie

Bachelor of Visual Arts

Emi Sharma 


Top Achievers Scholarship

Shima Jack 



Darcy Monteath


Hugo Calder 

Otago Polytechnic Principal’s Scholarship

Alice Bickerstaff 


Kate Will-Tofia

Prime Minister's Vocational Scholarship

Yannick Medvecky