Logan Park Philharmonic Orchestra Tour

By John Dodd | Posted: Saturday September 24, 2022

The school orchestra gave four performances in one day (22 Sept) at different venues around the city.

All of these were really well received, and our group delivered some polished performances of a variety of music. This included the Finale to Tchaikovsky's 2nd Symphony, Duke Ellington's Caravan, a beautiful arrangement of Gershwin's Summertime, themes to TV shows The Magnificent Seven and Dr Finlay's Casebook, and a contemporary Cuban piece 'Andalucia'.
We played at George St Normal, Opoho School, Summerset Retirement Village and the foyer of the Dunedin Art Gallery. It's a big operation setting up, packing down, and getting from venue to venue and it was an action packed day with barely a second to spare, although we did get twenty minutes to relax in the sun and eat our lunch in the Octagon.

It was a great day for these wonderful musicians, and they deserve to be very proud of their endeavours.

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