LPHS Photo Competition

By Brigid Allan | Posted: Saturday September 24, 2022

The LPHS Photo Competition was run at the end of Term Two with entries being judged and announced in Term Three.

We wanted to thank all our entries for making their contribution and recognise the high quality of all the photos that were entered. With over 140 entries over the 5 different categories, our judges, Izumi, Nick Beadle and Hugo Calder carefully considered all entries before deciding on the winners. A big thank you also goes out to Emi Sharma our Photo Art Prefect for organising this event.

The Overall Winner was well earnt by Solly Armstrong (Yr12), who also placed first in the People’s Choice Award with a different photo. Coming closely behind in second and third place for overall winners was Aedan Lehr (Yr11) and Prachi Patel (Yr10) respectively.

The first place (winner) of each category received a cash prize.


1. Solly Armstrong

2. Aedna Lehr

3. Prachi Patel

People’s choice Solly Armstrong

Rule of thirds

1.Solly Armstrong

2. Minami Uchida

3. Abi Gibson

People’s choice Solly Armstron


1. Liam Atchison

2. Solly Armstrong

3.Sophie Mosley

People’s choice Aedan Lehr


1. Aedan Lehr

2.Birdie Tannock

3. Sienna Adie

People’s choice Aedan Lehr


1. Birdie Tannock

2. Solly Armstrong

3. Solly Armstrong

People’s choice Solly Armstong


1. Prachi Patel

2. Sam McGee

3. Aedan Lehr

People’s choice no single result

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