Skateboarding Competition

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Friday September 30, 2022

Thanks to Jaspar Chapman and the skateboarding crew for organising our Skateboarding showcase at the end of Term 3.


Best Trick - Seda Buddingh for stale fish transition and manualing across the tops of the two quarters out of the transition 

Best Slam - Seda Buddingh for flying out of the 5050 from the top of the quarter straight to the ground

Best Grom - Guy Howell

Most Attempts - Cameron McAnally double flip of kicker as well as many others

Gnarlist Attempt - Thomas Dixon-Stewart for 180 over the trash bin

Best Attempt - Rangi Tipene for blunt on quarter. 

Thanks to Solly Armstrong for the photos. 

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