Le dfil de la mode dans la troisime - our annual fashion show:

By Heike Cebulla-Elder | Posted: Saturday August 27, 2022

As we know fashion plays a big part of French culture and when living in France I was always aware of being looked at if my dress sense was not up to the expectations (which happened quite often and that is why I love living in Aotearoa).

This year we organised our annual fashion show in our 10 French class for our classmates of 10 Japanese. The outfits ranged from being a penguin suit to travel to the cold north to an innovative upcycling of masks in an elegant suit. We also had a spontaneous creation of a wizard-clown model and of course our school uniform. One group organised a programme to take away lots of language so students could follow what was presented to them. A huge merci to Story who took on the role of the MC on the day and did a fantastic job! The “creme de la creme” I think was the babyfoot match that followed which was closely won by 10 French - I think a rematch is on the cards!

Merci à tout le monde pour assister à cet événement!

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