Otago University Junior Maths Competition

By Amanda Fraser | Posted: Monday August 22, 2022

Early this year some budding mathematicians took part in the University of Otago Junior Mathematics Competition.

The competition was initiated in 1985 by Professor Derek Holton, and is for students in Years 9 to 11. The emphasis of the competition is problem solving, with a few surprises thrown in!

The 2022 competition saw the return of the two part structure - the first being a multiple-choice and short answer exam sat entirely online, while the second part, which was limited to the top 15 percent of participants from the first part, a paper exam.

Distinction certificates are awarded to roughly the top 15% of participants in each year level, and Merits to roughly the top 50% of participants in each year level.

Congratulations to all students who participated!!

Specials awards went to:


Year 9: Odin Hyink, Dominic Mein, Ken Nguyen,

Year 10: Jenah Allum, Cambell Drake

Year 11: Aubrey Alsop Mackie, Charlie Bauchop, Naoki Kozakai, Lars Peeters


Year 9: Max Bryant, James Flemming, Jordan Turner,

Year 11: Charlie Cracknell, Jacob Crowl, Nathan Mutch, David Zeng

Next year, the competition will be held on the week starting Monday, the 27th of March. Keep an eye out at the start of 2023 for entries.