Sortie au cinma avec la classe franaise

By Heike Cebulla-Elder | Posted: Monday July 11, 2022

June is the month when the French film festival is on - this year we were lucky enough to go as a class and watch a film.

To fit in with our environmental topic from term 1 we decided to walk and bus to the Rialto rather than driving there - bravo, la classe!

The film is called La Traviata, mes frères et moi and was filmed in Sete, a major fishing city in the southeastern Occitane region of France, which is possibly where the film is set. Opera singing is a central subject to the film, and it makes the main character, Nour, feel closer to his terminally ill mother. He attends singing lessons at the local school during the summer vacation and becomes close to the teacher, Sarah, who tries her best to help Nour with his family's situation. It was a deeply touching film and I truly appreciated that I was able to see it.