Logan Park Student Sports Leaders

By Arnika Hazelwood and Frankie Vella | Posted: Sunday March 13, 2022

Our Head Boy and Girl of Sports, Connor Stephenson and Madeline Simons lead the Student Sports Council at Logan Park High School.

We have 19 Sports Prefects who have areas of responsibility. The Sports Council also includes sports leaders from other year levels. 

Sports Prefects: Liam Black, George Fisher, Nick James Pirie, Shima Jack, Caitlin McDonald Waters, Naomi Jutel, Grace Jones, Kieran Graham, Emma Mitchell, Amelia James Pirie, Luna Koyama, Luke Brinsdon, Hannah Yeardley, Oe Hayward, Josh Houston, Ethan Dalwood, Simdi Adam, Nico Alvarez Rey-Virag and Caleb Mayo.

Below are Connor and Madeline's reflections for the year ahead:

In 2021 the Sports Council surveyed students about in-House sports competitions that are run by the Sports Council. This survey shaped a new direction away from competitive in-House competitions to participation and engaging students to get active in a fun environment.

Connor says, “Although we still want to encourage competitiveness in Logan Park sports we believe our new participation models better reflect our school values and the vibrant, inclusive direction we want our sporting culture to go in."

Madeline is aspirational about the Girls in Sport focus group that is driven by the Student Sports Council. The group is also inclusive of boys and the goal is to create a safe, fun environment that girls choose to be involved in.

Our large group of Sports Prefects along with the Sports Council, supported by Sports Co-ordinator Frankie Vella have made a great start to the year already with two events seeing strong participation and lots of fun. All are excited about what will be achieved this year. 

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