PE - Back Yard Journey

By Warwick Kain | Posted: Thursday February 17, 2022

Twenty seven, Year 13 Physical Education students headed off for the annual Back Yard Journey in February. The trip involves a two day trip around Dunedin, using bikes, rafts and their legs!

This place-based experience aimed to promote learning that is rooted in what is local; the unique history, environment, flora and fauna of North Dunedin, the harbour and the Otago Peninsula, whilst minimising their carbon footprint and practicing leave no trace values. Learning through a physical journey about the students' own "place". 

A short ride to Bethunes Gully, followed by a walk over Kapukataumahaka, through Grahams Bush, Sawyers Bay and around to Back Beach. From Back Beach they rafted to Quarantine Island for the night. 

The following day they rafted to Portobello, then students enjoyed a welcomed tailwind cycling back to school. 

This trip focused on how a local journey can connect students to the places that they live in, with the underlying philosophy that the more knowledge they have with the local places they live in, the more they care about them. 

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