ICAS Mathematics Competition

By Amanda Fraser | Posted: Wednesday November 17, 2021

The ICAS Mathematics Competition is a yearly international competition open to high school students throughout New Zealand and 20 other countries globally.

The questions challenge participants in all aspects of Mathematics, helping students develop processing ability and problem solving skills.

Logan Park continues growing interest in this event, with a record number of students participating in 2021.

Congratulations to all students who challenged themselves by competing. Awards are based on achievement across each year level within New Zealand.

A special congratulations to the following students:

High Distinctions (top 1%)

Paxton Hall (Year 13)

Bill Campbell (Year 12)

Aubrey Alsop Mackie (Year 10)


Alexander Sun (Year 11)

Charlie Bauchop (Year 10)

Naoki Kozakai (Year 10)

Jenah Allum (Year 9)


Megan Macdiarmid (Year 13)

George Hyink (Year 13)

Charlie Cracknell (Year 10)

Jacob Crowl (Year 10)

Jun-Heng Wu (Year 10)

David Zeng (Year 10)

Cambell Drake (Year 9)

Amelio Kaloga (Year 9)

Leo Nichols (Year 9)

Miseki Honjo (Year 9)

Geordie Stephenson (Year 9)

Tyne Grant (Year 9)