LPHS Student Council

By Olivia Goldsmith, chair of LPHS student council. | Posted: Thursday November 18, 2021

The LPHS Student Council has been extremely successful this year.

With the weekly combined efforts of dozens of representatives from around the school, we’ve made a number of achievements based on what the 2021 student population wants. Our accomplishments this year include:

  • Making the school uniform gender neutral

  • Making Head Prefect and Head of House roles gender neutral

  • Supporting a number of charities, including Women’s Refuge, Inside Out, Gumboot Friday, 40 Hour Famine, Pink Shirt Day, and the Food Bank

  • Installing a Lilliput Library in our school

  • Setting up the LPHS Breakfast Club and reorganising several other school clubs

  • Managing and distributing funding across the school


As chair of the student council this year, I have had the privilege of working with a fantastic group of students. I am extremely proud of all the council has achieved this year, and it has been great to see such a high level of dedication, enthusiasm, and engagement in working to make our school a better place. I feel confident that the student council will continue the great work it has been doing in the coming years, and I look forward to hearing about their future endeavours.


It’s been a pleasure working as secretary of the student council for the past three years. The turnout this year was fantastic and I loved seeing how the enthusiasm of our student populace could precipitate real change. I was also really impressed that, unlike in previous years, we kept a consistently high turnout, which allowed us to hold votes that were really representative of the school population throughout the year. This has been a stupendous year for our council, and I wish them all the best in the future.