eSports End of Year Article

By Ben Mead | Posted: Sunday November 21, 2021

2021 has been a mostly busy year for students involved in eSports. Weve had competitions almost all year round, with additions of our LPHS Minecraft Server which was introduced in early Term 2, followed by the Tetris tournament that was held in Term 3.

Earlier this year we had one team of all seniors competing in a National League of Legends Competition, in which they won many games, but unfortunately also lost proportionally. This resulted in them being knocked out before the Regional Finals. There was a lot of pressure on the team this time around, with many games being live broadcasted for large audiences. They were able to put on some spectacular performances and we are very proud of them for their achievements in the competition.

Throughout the year we’ve also had multiple teams in an Otago Wide League of Legends competition, in which Logan Park has had much better results and has better standing. There were three main teams competing in this competition throughout the year, two of them being senior and one of them being a junior team coached by Tim Jones. In Term 2, one of the senior teams had a spectacular performance throughout the competition, clutching an awesome victory over Otago Boys in the final for the top spot in Otago. The other senior team has also performed admirably throughout the year, mostly retaining a high position in the leaderboards. Finally, our junior team has been improving adequately and we look forward to seeing them replace our seniors in the future.

Moving on to the Minecraft Server, it was initially released in Term 2, with many people jumping on straight away. In terms of school work it has been a busy time for everyone at Logan Park so activity has declined into the later terms, however we’re working on what should be an exciting event for everybody. We are very grateful to the school for funding this safe space where people can play with and make new friends.

Finally, at the beginning of Term 3 we held a Tetris Competition for all ages, although the demographic was highly senior. This competition took place over a couple of days where all participants would play matches against each other in a knockout draw, with the goal of ultimately being crowned the LPHS Tetris Champion for 2021. There were some stunning matches between many Year 13 students who are all very skilled at Tetris. In the end taking first place was Jasper Seddon, with Xing Zhang taking second, and Andy Wu taking third.

Overall the year has been full of fun activities and I am looking forward to seeing what next year's students do with eSports.

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