CANDID - A Student Writing Initiative

By Shima Jack | Posted: Thursday November 25, 2021

The year 2021 saw the birth of the student initiative CANDID, an anonymous writing anthology based in Logan Park High School, founded and edited by Year 12 students, Shima Jack, Naomi Jutel, and Maia Puricelli Callau.

CANDID was born out of a desire to provide a platform for the language creativity and self expression of Logan Park students, especially in poetry. Students are able to submit through a google form which contains writing prompts as well as space for free writing. CANDID is anonymous in order to remove the barrier of self-consciousness that many young students are subject to regarding self-expression. All writing is seen, acknowledged, and celebrated through CANDID, including writing talent who wish for social freedom in their creativity. Four issues were produced this year: “Out Of Shape”, “That Which Comes Knocking”, “Bitter, Sweetheart”, and “Drowning Lessons” - all named after student entries. Paper copies are always available to read and take home in the school library, as well as online on our website to read and download:

Thank you very much to everyone who contributed - we received some very touching entries this year. The plan is to continue CANDID’s production in 2022, so keep an eye out!

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