Theatresports 2021

By Simon Schack, Floyd Hurley-Parry and Oisin Benn | Posted: Thursday December 9, 2021

We had a much larger group of actors this year in Theatresports.

It was great to see so many good juniors joining the group. This year we chose to concentrate on three key factors to make a piece better. These were: always accepting offers, helping the whole piece by supporting others before focusing on your character and finally, creating a balanced storyline with an introduction, a problem and a conclusion in every piece we created.

The whole group has been wonderful to be around and play games with, they each brought a fun, new, and exciting energy to the room and throughout the year we could see how much each individual person had grown as an actor. This year had its challenges with Covid near the end of the year but I think that everyone still had lots of fun which is why the leaders Oisin, Floyd, and Simon chose to start leading Theatresports in the first place and it’s really the most important thing in Theatresports.

Despite the challenges with Covid this year, St Hilda’s managed to put together a small, friendly Theatresports competition. From our group we had Simon, Oisin, Bruno, Seb and Marcus take part. It was a valuable experience to have and we had tons of fun performing with the other schools. We took away lots of different ideas and games that we could use for our own practices at school as well.

Bruno, April and Luke, have stepped up in their leadership roles in Theatresports this year while the leaders Oisin, Floyd and Simon have been away or preparing for other commitments. They have all jumped at the opportunity to help lead Theatresports and have all done amazing work, coming up with ideas for different games and challenges for their peers. We’re really happy to be leaving Theatresports in their capable hands next year.

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