Toroa 2021

By Holly Bettis & Simon Schack | Posted: Friday December 10, 2021

Toroa House had an amazing year of fun, participation and great results!

With a passion to make a change from our fourth place track record in the running for the house cup at the end of the year, the house leaders decided that we would hold many new and exciting house activities. With events such as intergroup cluedo where we uncovered the mysteries hidden around the school. And a new inter group activity that challenged the groups, taskmaster, where groups get given challenging tasks and are judged by the supreme leader/taskmaster Toroa’s dean, Mrs Caulfield and two of her associates.

It has been a great year for Toroa, the amazing results in many activities have left everyone on the edge of their seats wanting to know if we can take home the house cup. Many first place victories on the board such as, netball, inter house photography competition, along with having had so much fun participating in many other events. These have included inter house sports where we have had by far the highest participation scores, the inter house game shows with competitors from all year levels and a 2nd place result in this year's house O’Mathalon.

No matter our house cup placing at the end of the year, we feel as though Toroa has gained a sense of pride, passion and house community which we are so proud to have ignited. We know that next year our new Toroa leaders will continue to bring fun and excitement with a sense of family to our house especially with our annual beach day at Long Beach. A big thank you to our wonderful group teachers and a farewell to the incredible Ms Dupres who has always brought such joy and laughter to our house especially on our beach trips. As well as the lovely Ms King who has been an amazing group teacher and has always been so kind, passionate and supportive. We wish them both all the best in all their future endeavors.

We also wanted to thank Ms Caulfield for her advice and support in all of our new ideas this year. We tried so many new things and it was so reassuring to have such a warm and passionate house dean that was eager to explore outside of the box.

Thank you so much to all of the Toroa students who have made this year such a blast! We will miss you all dearly and hope that your days in Toroa and at Logan Park will be remembered as fondly as ours. 

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