Board of Trustees Report

By John Bradfield Chairperson of Logan Park High Scho | Posted: Friday December 10, 2021

Logan Park High School Board of Trustees 2021: John Bradfield, Mara Wolkenhauer, Ronda Tokona, Richard Mitchell, Sally Spittle, Paul Fielding, Nicolas Alvarez Rey-Virag, Kristan Mouat and Peter Hills.

Tēnā koutou

Ko John tōku ingoa

Ko Bradfield tōku whanau

Ko Pukipahi te maunga

Ko Owaka te awa

E noho ana ahau ki Ōtepoti, ināianei

The core of my Mihi in English could be turned around to say.

“You can take the boy out of Owaka but you can not take Owaka out of the boy.”

This sense of place and where you belong is an important thing and something that defines us, making us who we are.

As Logan Park goes further down the track of having an enrollment zone it will impact us to a degree. We will become more of a local school. This is a result of having limited space rather than as a result of any plan or ideal on the part of the Board.

Some will find this a bad thing. I recognise that many have chosen Logan Park for reasons other than its handy location.

For some of us it will make less difference. We as a family, like many others, chose Logan Park for its location. Bee and I are both products of the local Co-ed school and we wanted that for our children. It was our connection to the place that saw us drop off a slightly reluctant youth at the start of 2015.

I realise schools are often viewed now as a service provider. They are examined for what they offer and how well they will likely suit prospective students. What if we turn that around and say this is our place. We are committed to it, what can I do to support it?

So to our leavers I would say; keep these two things in mind. Both of them come from a sense of place. Place gives us both identity and obligation.

Firstly, do not lose your sense of where you came from. Regardless of how you record it, give it value. It shapes who we are. Be proud Logan Parkers and be proud of your origins. [Like this boy from Owaka who lives on the harbour]

Secondly, commit to where you are. Do not simply look around and say what can I get out of this and use this to guide all of your choices.

Rather look around where you are and say what can I contribute to here where I am.

As you go on from Logan Park and carry our torch. Decisions you make do matter in the society you build. Remember where you are from and the great start you have had and approach the world with a determination to contribute where you are.

Thank you