Junior Show 2021

By Shannon Colbert | Posted: Sunday December 12, 2021

The Junior Show was a little gorier than usual this year.

Our year 9 and 10 Drama students started creating a show for an audience of younger primary school children but when rules around covid-19 meant we had to switch our intended audience to their fellow Logan Park students and teachers, they were very good at adapting our fairytale stories for an older audience and a much nastier and complex show was gleefully created! There was poisoning, kidnapping, assassins for hire, mobster bunnies battling FBI (Fairyland Bunny Investigations) bunnies, animal cruelty, coup plots and three spectacularly gruesome severed heads; a total of 9 murders, the same death count as Hamlet! Yes, we are absolutely comparing the Junior Show to Hamlet.

There were some wonderful performances from the Drama students who were joined by the Junior Dance students, whose fabulous dances really added to the excitement and liveliness of the show. The King's Men dance group was a particular stand out. The learning support team also created some gorgeous scenery for the show including three beautiful houses for pigs and the show-stopping severed heads. We had some fantastic help from juniors backstage too, with Lily Abbott on hair and make-up, Finlay McQueen in the tech booth and Grace Lorigan as assistant stage manager. We also had some wonderful seniors who came back during exam leave to give their invaluable help to the show; Ieuan Sutherland presiding over the tech booth, Stage Manager extraordinaire, Qrowe Brittenden helping with the Junior show one last time and musical phenomenon, Jack Ta at the piano, who brilliantly improvised a score for the show including sound effects from cell phones, maracas, trumpet and flute. 

We missed performing for the primary school children and it was sad we were unable to have an evening show for parents but it was a fun and heartwarming show (in spite of all the gore) thanks to the many lovely moments from our performers and so many of our school whanau helping to make it special.

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