Otago Polytechnic Pacific Island Students Recognition Awards 2021

By Kristan Mouat | Posted: Monday November 29, 2021

Congratulations to Kate Will-Tofia and Maria Hessell for winning these awards.

The awards recognise outstanding young students in Otago schools. 

Kate continues to impress with outstanding academic results and inspiring leadership in our Pasifika community. This year Kate led the celebrations and lunchtime activities for our Pasifika Island Week.

Honouring Samoan Language week and Samoan independence, Kate and her team, organised a week full of Pasifika lunchtime activities including: lollie lei making, a Moana viewing (with popcorn), coconut cream making, traditional Samoan games such as Lape and Kilikiti and a traditional Samoan lunch.

As a junior, Maria continues to excel with impressive reports emphasizing her mature, motivated attitude and ethical approach to everything she does. She also makes time to be involved in a range of other activities including badminton and volleyball. 

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