The Logan Park Game Show

By Marcus Davidson | Posted: Thursday November 25, 2021

Clayton, Toroa, Aoraki, Omimi all battling for the ultimate prize, Game Show supremacy. A grueling challenge of over 60 questions across 21 categories spanning from Star Wars to History, Geography to Video games. There can only be one winner.

Late Term 2 the first Game Show was a massive success with a nearly full house enjoying the show and good vibes. The curtains opened to the troupe of back up dancers, comprised of 6 guys to welcome the hosts: Myself and Odin Jacobs.  With the crowd cheering, the rounds of questions rolled by. Questions missed by the contestants were snapped up by the audience for a sweet treat. The points were kept score through a live tally displayed on the projector. Clayton dominated with over 2000 points, clearing the board. Omimi, the closest contender lagging by 600 points, was followed closely by Toroa then Aoraki.

Due to the great success of the first and public demand, a second Game Show took place as the finale of Youth Week in term 4. The school was challenged to find the 54 unique posters I designed and put up over the school with a very determined group doing so. This time around there was a teacher team and a much more professionally designed dance made by Sophie and Annelise.

After the introduction from the dancers, the show began with Toroa gaining an extra 100 points for the loudest cheer. However, Clayton and Aoraki swiftly took the lead by answering all their first round questions correctly. Teams were able to save their points if they got a question wrong by throwing a hoop onto the target, a feat which only a few could only pull off. The fourth round of competition ended with Aoraki and Clayton sitting at the top with Toroa close behind, while the teachers and Omimi trailed. With time short, the final round was a quick fire one where teams had to answer as fast as they could, Toroa managed to close the gap between them and Aoraki, creating a tie. Clayton narrowly missed out by 100 points. The tie breaker was What Song?, the first to guess the song won. Barely 2 seconds into the song Toroa correctly guessed Baby by Justin Beiber to win the competition.

This would have not been possible without the help of others who pitched in.

Fellow Clubs and Recreation Prefect and Co-ordinator - Odin Jacobs

Tally Designer, Lighting and Music - Linus Molteno

Fact Checking -Megan Macdiarmid, Cindy Chou, Alex Cameron, Elia Hayashishita and Linus Molteno

Back-up Dancers - Xing Zhang, Jasper Seddon, Simon Shack, Alex Cameron, Oisin Benn and Floyd Hurley-Parry

Dance Choreographers -Annelise Scharpf and Sophie Bradfield

Voice over and Sound Design - Tim Hulbe-Pulver

And of course all of the contestants and audience who participated. 

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