Uni Entrance Scholarships 2021

By Kristan Mouat | Posted: Sunday November 7, 2021

Congratulations to all of our Yr 13 leavers who collectively have won over $400,000 worth of University Scholarships.

It is an impressive achievement for all of our students who have distinguished themselves in various areas. The value of the scholarships ranges from several thousand through to $30,000 for the Academic Excellence awards. The money goes towards university costs. Congratulations on a superb effort.

University of Otago

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Paxton Hall

Zishen Fu

Linus Molteno

Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship

Cameron Dickie

Elia Hayashishita

Olivia Goldsmith

Yuiko Aoyagi

Holly Bettis

Xing Zhang

Sophie Bradfield

Cindy Chou (plus Victoria University Tangiwai scholarship)

Megan Macdiarmid

Harry Major

Miriam Barton (plus Victoria University Tangiwai scholarship)

Maori Entrance Scholarship

Odin Jacobs

Tui Kaitai Martin (plus Victoria Totoweka Scholarship)

New Frontiers Scholarship

George Hyink

Jasper Seddon

Ben Mead

Jodie Kitchingman

Sam Hulbe-Pulver

Leilani Baeurmer

Alexander Cameron

Phoebe Guile-Hughes

Molly Barton

Ethan Monataner

150th Scholarship

Laura Canton

Tane Cotton

Charlotte Field

Rose Haining

Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship for International Students

Shannon Westworth (plus Victoria University International Student)

Coco Zhou

Performance Scholarship

Ella Cox

University of Canterbury Scholarship

Marcus Davidson

Class Act Scholarships

Paxton Hall

Cindy Chou

Prime Minister's Vocational Excellence Scholarship

Crystal McDonnel

Otago Polytechnic Principal’s Scholarship

Ben Mead