Visiting PhD talking to Senior Physics students

By Nick Biggin | Posted: Thursday September 23, 2021

In September, we were lucky to host Jono Squire who came to give a talk to a group of Senior Physics students.

Jono is an ex-Logan Park student who was our Dux and Class Act in 2005. He completed his Bachelor degree at Otago and then won a prestigious scholarship to Princeton University in New Jersey to undertake a PhD in Fusion Energy. He is now back at Otago University teaching and researching.

He spoke to us about black holes - what they are, how they form, how we detect them. He even outlined what would happen if our Sun turned into a black hole...(nothing good!). Jono gave us an insight into studying Physics, and where it might take you career-wise, as well as good advice when choosing courses (keep it broad, don't specialise too early, you do not need to have a life plan!). Finally, Jono was able to catch up with a few (older!) staff members who remember teaching him here.

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