Paul Hersey Talk

By Nick Biggin | Posted: Saturday August 28, 2021

In August some of our senior English students attended a talk given by Paul Hersey, a Dunedin-based author and photographer.

Paul has climbed, surfed, mountain-biked, kayaked or otherwise explored his way through most corners of New Zealand and many destinations overseas. He has published several books, mostly to do with mountains and (mis)adventure. He also writes for magazines such as Alpinist, The Surfer’s Journal, New Zealand Geographic and North & South. 

His talk was disarmingly frank, open and honest, as he spoke of his personal journey describing a love of the outdoors, and dealing with the loss of loved ones in the mountains. The strongest message though was one of resilience, of finding your way.

Paul then hosted a "writers' workshop" and was able to help and guide the next generation of writers, giving sound and sensible advice to those considering a writing career.

He gifted the school a copy of his latest book, Protection, which can be found in the school library.