Pride Month and Non-Uniform Day

By Holly Bettis and Qrowe Brittenden | Posted: Friday July 9, 2021

Logan Park High School is incredibly proud of our supportive and diverse community.

All year round and in the midst of Pride Month,  Logan Park High School’s diversity group and QSA Technicolour Sandwich, is a safe place for all of the rainbow community. They hold shared lunches, educate students on Queer history and get to know other people within the school.

They also hold events with other diversity groups such as the pride month quiz night hosted by Technicolour Sandwich’s leaders Qrowe Brittenden and Dante Dawes. During the last week of term, the Student Council along with our QSA hosted a pride non-uniform day for the end of Pride Month in June. The non-uniform day raised money for Inside Out which is a New Zealand based charity organization that supports young people in the rainbow community. We all stood together in support and created a human rainbow out of the colours that we were wearing.

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