Toroa Intergroup Cluedo

By Holly Bettis | Posted: Friday May 28, 2021

Starting off Term Two with a bang? Or was it more of a thud? Well let you ask our suspects.

Toroa House for the first time ever, held its own intergroup Cluedo to solve the mysterious death of one of our heads of house, Simon Schack. The Toroa year thirteens organized the live-action role play where all Toroa students got to help solve the murder.

Together we uncovered the reason for all of 4/1’s year 13s: Mr Enright’s collection, which Simon did not want to be a part of! Congratulations to 4/3 and 4/8 for having the closest answer of Mr Enright, with the knife and the motive that Simon didn’t hand in work. Also a massive round of applause to 4/1 for their hilarious motive that Simon got in the way of their plot.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Mr Enright, Ms Caulfield as well as all the teachers and students who played an acting role. In addition, we wanted to make a special shout out 4/6 for their amazing enthusiasm. Thank you to the wonderful Qrowe Brittenden and Sarah Turner for all of the love that you have poured into this, there is no way that we could have done this without you both. 

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