Biology Field Trip

By Milo Long | Posted: Friday June 4, 2021

On Tuesday the 25th and Wednesday the 26th of May, the Year 13 Bio classes got the awesome opportunity to visit the Otago University Marine Science Facilities.

During our visits we were taught by Steve Cutler and Hanna Ravn. They based the day on using sea creatures to teach us lots about evolution. 

As well as listening to Steve and Hanna teach us, we also got to partake in a lot of activities to better show us how evolution works.

We got to do things like looking around some of the facilities for specific types of sea creatures that all fitted into their different groups and evolved to be able to do different things, dissect a squid, which was absolutely my highlight of the whole trip! 

We did a lot of activities that involved comparing and contrasting different types of sea creatures to find out what they have in common and why they do the things they do. 

Steve and Hanna gave us an exciting day full of learning and enjoyment, they were both obviously very passionate about marine science and evolution (especially Steve as he kept recommending my group multiple books on evolution!). 

I would like to thank our year 13 biology teachers: Mrs Caufield and Mr Pirie for organising this fantastic trip for us, to the department of marine science for letting us into their facilities, and a big thank you to Steve and Hanna for patiently teaching us a whole heap of new stuff and keeping everyone entertained while doing so, we all know it can be hard to have both! 

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