Former Logan Park students visit Year 10 Social Studies class

By Heike Cebulla-Elder | Posted: Saturday June 5, 2021

We were really lucky to have four former Logan Park students come to visit 10K in their Social Studies class to talk about their career paths, their memories of Logan Park and any advice they could give to students.

Our visitors presented a range of backgrounds and jobs - computer games developers, artist, TV presenter, scientist, lecturer in PE as well as science educator to name a few. It was really good to hear that it does matter as much what you know as well as whom you know and that keeping options open was really useful when plans change. After the visits some of the reflections by the students were really interesting:

“It is ok to not yet know what you want to do”.

“ Having interactions between teenagers and adults was great”.

“School is maybe not for everyone”.

“Hearing Logan Park stories was interesting”

“The food was good”.

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