Gumboot Friday

By Holly Bettis, Sarah Turner | Posted: Sunday June 6, 2021

If it weren't for your gumboots, where would you be?

On Friday 28th of May, Logan Park’s Student Council with assistance from our Charities Club put on a gumboot toss and a bake sale to help support the cause and to raise everyone’s spirits on a rainy Friday lunch. Mike King’s I am Hope foundation hosts this every year to raise money for free kids’ counselling. Holly Bettis’s cartoon character Lenny helped support this event with positivity cartoons. These cartoons raise awareness and money for mental health with phrases such as ‘You are loved and beautiful’. Together we raised $187 which will provide 3 free therapy for kids in need.

Congratulations to everyone who got the gumboot into the basket or got it to stand up! Thank you to Poppy Hayward for providing all the gumboots and to Sarah Turner for her massive input in organising the event. Thank you to everyone who showed up and had fun the entire time during this event. So many people brought amazing smiles and a great character to both the bake sale and gumboot toss.

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