The Year 13 Physical Education Journey

By Warwick Kain | Posted: Wednesday April 14, 2021

A two day trip around Dunedin starting and finishing at school.

The class set off for Bethune’s Gully on their bikes. We then walked up to Mt.Cargill for lunch. Then down through Grahams Bush and down to Sawyers Bay and on to Port Chalmers and Back beach. We then rafted across to Quarantine Island where we stayed the night. Cooking up a great Nacho’s meal.

This place-based experience aimed to promote learning that is rooted in what is local; the unique history, environment, flora and fauna of North Dunedin, the harbour and the Otago Peninsula, whilst minimising our carbon footprint and practicing leave no trace values. 

Students travelled entirely non motorised, by foot, raft or bike. Learning through a physical journey about the students' own "place". The students enjoyed a welcomed tail wind as they cycled home from Portobello, along the reclaimed land of the foreshore, past the molars. 

This trip focused on how a local journey can connect students to the places that they live in, with the underlying philosophy that the more people connect with the local places they live in, the more they care about them. 

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