Year 12 Health - Wellness Week

By Danielle Frost | Posted: Thursday April 15, 2021

During Wellness Week (Week 9, Term 1) students from the Level 2 Health Education class implemented a variety of Health Promotion Campaigns within the Logan Park community.

Students selected a goal that they felt would impact the school community's Hauora (well-being). Following this they developed an action plan with steps on how they would undergo this task. The whole process took a lot of cooperation and planning, and provided challenges that students had to overcome in order to have success and achieve their intended outcome. After implementing their health promotion campaign students evaluated their action plans to see how effective they were at enhancing the well-being of the school community, and what they would change moving forward.

Avery, Caitlin, Jasmine and Paige F chose to target self esteem and confidence within the school community. In order to promote positive self confidence they had envelopes throughout the school which contained positive affirmations for people to read, take away and share with others.

Paige W and Rebecca aimed to promote social interaction between students at Group time, through the purchase of board games and cards. Over the course of the week students were encouraged to play board games in Group time.

Cheyden, Leah and Makaia wanted to provide students with support for mental health issues. Through the use of posters they advertised helplines and also had quotes aimed to inspire any individuals that may be experiencing a tough time.

Alex, Mahia and Sam put posters throughout the school to promote positive nutritional choices. This group had a minor set back, which is all part of the learning experience, but still managed to contribute to Wellness Week.

April, Britney, Penina chose to display posters throughout the school that were aiming to enhance knowledge about, and respect towards gender identity.

The final group of Megan, Nalani and Stevie organised a mufti day with support from Mr Spittle and the student council. These students wanted to raise awareness of mental health issues by promoting Youthline as an organisation which provides support to youth in a number of ways. All funds raised were donated to Youthline Otago. They were very grateful for this contribution, which supports them to be able to facilitate youth education within the community.

I am really proud of their efforts, and know that they benefited greatly from this opportunity. Next year we aim to build on this week by involving more of the Senior Health classes and staff. 

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