Year 13 Leadership Camp

By Milo Long | Posted: Thursday April 15, 2021

From the 12th of March to the 15th of March Logan Park held a Year 13 Leadership camp at Tautuku Lodge in the Catlins attended by sixty Year 13 students.

The camp was run by Dr Thompson and several other staff members. At this leadership camp we got to socialise with people in our year that we wouldn't normally socialise with, eat delicious food, partake in many activities including: team building exercises, kayaking, abseiling, and climbing on the confidence course. 

This camp was a whole heap of fun with lots of interesting things happening including a group of boys getting together and forming a band called the Dr G's where they went on to write and perform a song about Dr Thompson to the rest of the camp. 

As well as all the physical activities that we got to partake in, we also got to do some activities that regarded thinking about the way we see ourselves including: writing a timeline about our lives and where we want to see ourselves in the future and going on a night walk to the beach and finding a nice spot in the dark by ourselves to just think about things. 

This was one of my favourite parts of the whole trip because we got to lie down by ourselves and be surrounded by such a gorgeous part of our home, Aotearoa, and such a beautiful part of the world. 

I would like to say thank you to all the staff and adults that sacrificed their weekend to give us an awesome one. Thanks to all my peers and friends that attended the camp and made it a wonderful experience, and the two awesome cooks - Catherine and Verna - who stayed at Tautuku the whole weekend and provided us with all the lovely Kai they made! The last thank you, and the biggest one, that I want to give is to Dr Thompson for organising, leading, and running this camp and making it happen! It would not have been possible without him! And he's organised camps for 35 years continuously. 

During our weekend we learnt how to further progress our leadership roles in our lives but most importantly we were taught to consider and be mindful of who we want to be as people in the future not just what we want to do. 

Thank you.  (See the video in the gallery below)

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