Learning about French culture through food!

By Heike Cebulla-Elder | Posted: Friday March 5, 2021

Every Wednesday our Year 11 and 12 French students get to try out French cooking - cakes were originally prepared at home and brought to class, but later we got to cook these delicious treats ourselves.

We have tried:

  1. La galette des rois - this cake is eaten on the 6th of January in France and has its origin in the Roman festivity of “Les Saturnales” when a slave was made king of the day. Today in France we hide a small figurine in the galette des rois and if you find it in your piece, then you are the king of the day! Its main ingredients are almond flour, icing sugar and pastry.

  2. La tarte normande - this is a traditional apple cake from the north of France and is made with eggs, creme fraiche, pastry, icing sugar and of course apples, including calvados which is a liqueur made of apples and traditional in the north as well. As it is apple season, this recipe is worth trying out. Bram baked it for the class and it was delicious - miam miam!

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