Ugly Shakespeare

By Diane Dupres | Posted: Wednesday March 10, 2021

Performance of Romeo and Juliet at Logan Park March 5th 2021

Communitas: intense feelings of social togetherness. A sense of experiencing shared emotions during a communal event.

One Friday morning in March saw 180 teenagers packed together all enthralled with Shakespeare.
No really.
The Ugly Shakespeare company specialises in making Shakespeare both accessible and entertaining.
The three young actors played multiple roles using costumes and farcical props to bring the (not so tragic) tale to life.

The highlights of the show were our very own student Magic Chirnside providing a ukelele accompaniment to the wedding scene.  This also included Jamie, Birdie, Harry and April.  The lovely improvised 'best man's speech' was also a highlight.
Also wowing the crowd was the gratuitous use of water pistols as a surprising substitute for the bloodbath in the final scene.
Such good fun and a great way to start the year.
Communitas: The shared joy of coming together as one. Something the rest of the world looks forward to.

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