University Scholarships awarded to 2020 students

By Kristan Mouat | Posted: Thursday March 11, 2021

A number of our students were awarded top university scholarships at the end of 2020.

The scholarships come with attractive financial benefits for the students ranging from $2,000 to $35,000 for Academic Excellence scholarships.  

Overall our students won scholarships for New Zealand universities and polytechnics totaling over $340,000.

University Scholarships 2020 - Otago unless otherwise specified

Following is the list of successful recipients:

Stella Dickie - New Frontiers

Hannah Shahin - Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship (international), Victoria International Excellence Scholarship 

Amasio Jutel - Leaders of Tomorrow

Sophie Sun - Academic Excellence. Leaders of Tomorrow. Top Achievers

Helen Ruan - Leaders of Tomorrow, Totoweka School Leaver Scholarship (Vic)

Danielle Sunitsch - Leaders of Tomorrow

Anna Walrond - Performance Entrance Scholarship

Cathy Zeng - Academic Excellence. Leaders of Tomorrow. Top Achievers

Esther Tamati - Maori Entrance Scholarship

Isabelle Natasha - Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship (international)

Grey Smith - New Frontiers

Adair Clark - New Frontiers

Lucy Spittle - New Frontiers

Maggie Gorman - Leaders of Tomorrow

Laura Graham - New Frontiers

Hannah Liyanarachchi - Academic Excellence

Amelia Ross - Performance Entrance Scholarship

Oliver Johnston-Jones - Otago Polytechnic Principals Leadership Scholarship

Mikey Rainbow - Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award

Te Awa Crossman and Odin Jacobs - Manu Pounamu:

And a number of 2019 students will take theirs up this year:

Celeste Howard - New Frontiers

Abi Barton - Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship

Lucas Dubyk - New Frontiers

Cushla Melville - New Frontiers

Piper McKerracher - Tangiwai School Leaver Scholarship (Vic)

Rosa Miller - Tangiwai School Leaver Scholarship (Vic)

Zak Rudin - Tangiwai School Leaver Scholarship (Vic)

Polly Marshall - Tangiwai School Leaver Scholarship (Vic)