Student Council

By Rosa Rhiannon Miles-Seeley | Posted: Tuesday April 10, 2018

Term One News

The Logan Park Student Council had a spiffing start to the year, electing a whole new crew of people who then busily set to work: speaking, discussing, arguing, writing, creating, innovating and laughing to make the school an even more fabulous place for students to live and learn in.

This year we have been making every effort to be a central forum for all students at the school; inviting club representatives, house group representatives, house leaders, head prefects and especially just the interested, passionate, average student. 

Our first project this year has been to plant some fruit bearing trees in the school; which will be planted next term in the form of apples, pears and cranberries. We have also run our first mufti day and are in the midst of planning a “pink shirt” mufti day for next term to raise awareness about bullying. We have funded various ventures such as getting new sports bibs for inter house competitions, supporting the team of Logan Parkers on the Spirit of New Zealand, as well as individuals who are representing Logan Park.

Next term we will be moving onto other initiatives, such as setting up more warm, accessible places for students to eat their lunches during lunchtimes. This year we are putting particular emphasis on including every student who wants to be involved, sharing responsibility and leadership opportunities throughout the Council over the full age spectrum. As Chair of the Student Council it is my personal hope that this structure will aid in creating and supporting the growth of a large group of confident leaders who realise that they can have a huge positive impact on the world around them.


Chair: Rosa Rhiannon Miles-Seeley

Deputy Chair: Aidan Clements

Secretary: Mary Locker

Co-Secretary: Henry Ruan

Treasurer: Olivia Bradfield

Communication: Tyler Proctor and Leila East Giles, Matai Bowen and Annie Kennedy Atchison.

Junior Rep: Nico Alvarez

Club Liaisons:  Arlo Priest-Forsyth and Gray Smith