Orokonui Biology Trip

By Dick Pirie | Posted: Thursday April 12, 2018

Our Year 13 Biology class went on a two day field study to Orokonui after Easter.

The main purpose of the trip was to conduct experiments using the Eco Sanctuary as an ecological resource.

This is a new venture for Orokonui and we were the third group to go. The Eco Sanctuary is supported by the University Botany Department with equipment and expertise. We arrived in the morning and after stowing our gear, were taken on an orientation tour by Taylor Davies-Colley, the lead staff member. Next was experimental design, data collection throughout the Eco Sanctuary. The day culminated in a barbecue tea and a night walk. Although we saw no Kiwi we did see lots of spiders. 

Waking up in the Eco Sanctuary was a unique experience; the birdsong in the valley as the sun rose over the misty hills was magnificent. The students got breakfast and got on with writing up their experiments, whipping out to get more data or finding time to get chased by Takahe.

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