2018 Prefects

By Arnika Hazelwood | Posted: Tuesday April 10, 2018

Our senior prefects were announced in Term One.

Senior students are instrumental in supporting wonderful opportunities for all of our students. We appreciate their leadership, example and service ethic. 

Prefects take on leadership roles in Sports, Music, Drama, Cultural and Clubs areas. They often organise events and activities and support teachers to make our school diverse and inclusive catering for the varied interests of our student community.   

Prefects 2018

School Head Prefects:

Bella Rennie and Lucan Willis Head Girl and Boy

Cuba Rust and Tyler Proctor Deputy Head Girl and Boy

Heads of House:

Mary Locker - Clayton

Benny Holloway - Clayton

Jack Gilmore - Omimi

Aidan Clements - Omimi

Bella Rennie - Aoraki

Lucan Willis - Aoraki

Rosa Miles-Seeley - Toroa

Connor Vosh - Toroa

Deputy Heads of House:

Leila East-Giles - Clayton

Zoe Degas - Clayton

Calum Rogers - Clayton

George Sabonadiere - Clayton

Tyler Proctor - Omimi

Neive Strang - Omimi

Sophia Hunt - Omimi

Cuba Rust - Aoraki

Stella Daglish - Aoraki

Barney Connolly - Aoraki

Joseph Dewhirst - Aoraki

Tarryn Tree - Toroa

Ariyan Zarei - Toroa

Cushla Melville - Toroa

Arlo Priest-Forsyth - Toroa


Libby Guthrie

Neive Strang

Celeste Howard

Formal Committee:

Tyler Proctor

Tarryn Tree

Ariyan Zarei


Quinn Hardie

Tyler Proctor

Jamie Byas

Niam Tripp

Luca Barci

Maori and Pasifika:

CJ Barnes

Maria Kohu-Morris


Alex Hall


Georgia Ford-Keen

Briana Buijck


Quinn Hardie

Mary Locker

Media and Film Club:

Amy Lloyd

Jack Gilmore

Bella Rennie

Connor Vosh

James Checketts


Bella Rennie


Arlo Priest-Forsyth


Ariyan Zarei


Louis Freeman

Barney Connolly

Rikke Kikkawa-Macleod

Jack Wing

Karl Brinsdon


Cuba Rust

Sammy Donaldson

Briana Buijck

Rikke Kikkawa-MacLeod


Leven Wu

Aiko Otono

Lokesh Menariya

Minjae Lee

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