Stewart Island Tramp

By Various | Posted: Wednesday April 11, 2018

International students enjoyed a 3-day adventure on Rakiura, Stewart Island in March.

The tramp is considered one of New Zealand's 9 great walks and features spectacular native bush and scenery and beach scenes. Students appreciated the natural beauty. The plane ride from Invercargill in a small plane across to the island added to the adventure. Thanks to Dr Thompson, Mal Thompson and Tip for organising the tramp.

See individual comments from students below:  

We flew by plane to Stewart Island and I sat beside the pilot who gave me a lot of information.

We were very lucky with the weather.

We jumped in the sea after a long day of walking.

We met a lot of different people from a lot of different countries.

We didn’t see any Kiwi which was really sad.

We helped some guys restore a saw mill.

The first night we looked for Kiwi but we couldn’t find any so we sat down by the sea and looked at the stars which was absolutely stunning.

On the second day we swam in the sea and searched for mussels and clams which we ate as well as our dinner.

Dinner was not what I am used to -  it was mostly powder!

On both nights we continued to search for Kiwi but we continued to be unlucky we did however, find possum and an owl.

I have to say Stewart Island is amazing and the nature is beautiful. If I could I would do it again.

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