Off to Nouma, New Caledonia

By Barbara Fitzsimons | Posted: Tuesday April 10, 2018

A combined group of 23 Logan Park /Bayfield High School students, accompanied by three staff members, are heading off to New Caledonia from 15-24 April on a French language immersion trip.

They will be speaking French 24/7, in their home-stays, their three hour morning immersion French lessons at the Institut Voltaire and during afternoon guided excursions. This could sound like hard work, but such activities as the trip to Amédée Island, the snorkeling and lagoon swimming, visiting the Tjbaou Cultural Centre and the Treetops Adventure, as well as shopping in the market and eating at local cafés and restaurants will be the reward for their morning studies. 

 We expect to have a great time and to return with a lot more horsepower obvious in our french speaking abilities!
Look for the link on the Logan Park High School website to follow our impressions of our trip.

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