Year 13 PE - "The Journey"

By Danielle Frost | Posted: Tuesday April 10, 2018

In March, the Year 13 Physical Education class went on a trip around Dunedin to experience and connect with their backyard/hometown.

This is the second year the Year 13 PE class have participated in "The Journey". This year, due to the large number of students in the class, the group were split in two and completed the Journey in opposite directions. 

The trip involves three different physical activities; cycling, biking and canoeing over the 4 days, where students travel from Logan Park around Dunedin and back to school over this time. Students left school and cycled to Bethunes Gully via the Botanical Gardens and Baldwin Street. Once they arrived at Bethunes Gully, they had the opportunity to Mountain Bike, they also set up tents for the night, and prepared and enjoyed meals together. 

The following day students hiked over Mount Cargill to Port Chalmers stopping to enjoy views at the top and at the Organ Pipes. This was a big day for students, walking approximately 15 km. This night students stayed at Pioneer Hall with the second group (meeting halfway). It was a nice night where students could share experiences from their "Journey" so far. 

The following day students walked around to Back Beach where they got ready for the next leg, Canoeing. Students canoed across the Harbour, stopping at Quaratine Island for lunch and a swim. They completed the leg early, at Portobello (due to wind) rather than making it all the way to Harwood. After getting transported to Harwood, students unloaded and prepared dinner. 

The next day they had a 25 km bike back to Logan Park.  

Students were part of the planning and preparation for the trip including meal planning, purchasing food, packing and checking gear prior to trip (i.e. bike and tent maintenance). On completion of the trip students have completed a report analysing the safety issues involved in the trip, particularly reflecting on the experiences that they had during the trip. Not only did the trip allow them to appreciate their own environment, they also had numerous leadership opportunities provided to them, and some challenges, both mental, emotional and physical. 

It was a fantastic way to start the year in Level 3 Physical Education.

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